Slickline A slickline is single strand, non-electric wire used to run tools into the wellbore slickline is usually wrapped around a drum and placed on the back of a truck.

A slickline is single strand, non-electric wire used to run tools into the wellbore slickline is usually wrapped around a drum and placed on the back of a truck. Reliance oilfield services provides oilfield services, wireline, electric line, slickline, plug setting, swabbing, pipe recovery, logging, cement bond logs,production. A thin nonelectric cable used for selective placement and retrieval of wellbore hardware, such as plugs, gauges and valves located in sidepocket mandrels. Wireline products whether it’s the craftsmanship in design, the hex make-up and break-out flats on every product or the anodised red aluminium protectors, limar. Tudo sobre slackline você encontra no amantesdoesportecom.

In the oil and gas industry, the term wireline usually refers to a cabling technology used by operators of oil and gas wells to lower equipment or measurement devices. Accu-line's wireline equipment includes single and combo drums, compact units, power packs, walk in tool boxes, sidewinders, tri-plex pumps and much more. Slickline operations introduces the techniques and technologies involved in working with slickline and braided wireline. Slackline, na loja nerea você encontra tudo sobre slackline e compra os melhores equipamentos para prática compre agora mesmo. Search and apply for the latest slickline supervisor jobs on the world’s largest oil & gas job search engine, oilfinity sign up for job alerts and never miss a. O slackline ou corda bamba, como é denominado nos circos, é um esporte de equilíbrio, onde uma fita é montada entre dois pontos fixos, que chamamos de ancoragem.

Slickline jobs in oil and gas, offshore and onshore. Slickline refers to a single strand wire which is used to run tools into wellbore for several purposes it is used in the oil and gas industry. We can provide a full array of slickline services that can help troubleshoot or complete your project. Slickline mechanical intervention alpha provides tools and services to deploy many mechanical services like plugs, packers and other mechanical devices.


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Accu-line's slickline services include bottom hole pressue, gas lift work, swabbing, fishing operations, bailing sand, opening and closing sliding sleeves. 'slickline equipment' – neste seguimento, verá 1 empresa relacionada com o seu termo de pesquisa: geo sys umwelttechnik und geogeräte gmbh leipzig, com sede no. Slickline supervisor job in dorset: the role: this is a great opportunity to join a dynamic and growing team, based at our operation at dorset the primary focus of. Tools inserted in to the well for both workover and logging efforts, wirelines and slicklines are very similar devices while a slickline is a thin cable.

As operações slickline envolvem manutenção, como a remoção de cera, crosta, areia e acúmulos, encerramento do fluxo e instalação de empacotadores. Slickline operations an industry recommended practice (irp) for the canadian oil and gas industry volume 13 - 2007 sanctioned november 2007. Slk-connect's mission is to provide technical support for the planning and execution of slickline, wireline and wellservice operations worldwide. Detailed introduction to slickline equipment and instrumentation used to control, condition and monitor downhole operations. Slackline em oferta é na americanascom preço baixo, entrega rápida e compra segura compre slackline hoje mesmo.

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